Rojo Lobbying for Attention

Gotta love the giant cotton candy 😉

Rojo Lobbying For Attention
Category: Parties and Nightlife

We were hoping they would be true to name and only serve red liquor. (Photos by Anthony Springer)

Rojo, the lobby bar at Palms Place made its debut Friday night in grand fashion – by which we mean “with a ton of booze.”

The actual bar proper, done up in dark burgundy and deep red, is small. With couches lining either wall, the setting is intimate. There is plenty of space, however, in the lobby, which Rojo is setting up as an extension of the bar itself with a DJ, metallic bronze-hued sunken couches and plenty of space to either groove, drink or haul your luggage to the elevator. Or possibly all three (try not to spill your cocktail, though).

Friday night’s opening saw skater Rob Dyrdek of Rob and Big fame – notable for not being the big one – and celebuchef Kerry Simon on hand, who provided catering that included his signature cotton candy. Alas, Simon did not provide a signature Tilt-A-Whirl and signature carnies to really grab a kind of “state fair” mystique.

The food was a little tease for Simon’s new restaurant at Palms Place. We’re still waiting to get details, but we’ll keep you posted.

rojo_h1.jpg rojo_h3.jpg rojo_h4.jpg



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