Vanessa Blue: My Blue Heaven Pt. 2

Vanessa Blue

In part one of HipHopDX’s two-part exclusive with porn star/director Vanessa Blue, the woman behind the lens talked to us about quitting the industry and the influence of her family on her career. In our conclusion, Vanessa talks about “condom porn” being “idiotic,” what types of movies she wants to make and why some black women in the industry are on some “bullshit.”

VB: I think condom porn is just the most retarded thing.
DX: How come?
VB: The guy’s gonna stick his dick in her mouth… with no condom. When the sex is done, he’s gonna pull out and drop the semen—what we’re trying to save her from—on her body. She’s going to taste it, rub it in, it’s going to hit her eyeball, he might shoot it over, across her ass. Anything on Earth can happen. You’re still exposed to the liquid.

DX: So it defeats the purpose?
Yeah, what’s the point? If you’re trying to preach practicing safe sex to a couple then you may as well go all the way. Dental dams, gloves, Seran Wrap your body and roll around on the bed, I don’t fuckin know. I just feel like… it’s just idiotic to say I’m going to practice safe sex but we’re only going to wear a condom here. He’s going to lick her pussy and asshole and she’s going to lick his dick and his butt and his balls or whatever they do. It’s not safe. I understand that sometimes they want to keep that illusion…

DX: Of safe sex?
It’s cool. If they really want to practice safe sex, show the woman putting a condom on a guy… make that a part of the scene. I mean really practice what you preach. What you see is a girl sucking a dick and then there’s magically a condom on the dick. There’s just no build up, no real sex happening.

DX: Switching things up for a minute, has the internet hurt sales at all? There’s a lot of free content online, do you think that’s hurt the industry?
I definitely think that’s hurt the industry, not as much as the war has. All the people buying porn are overseas.

DX: Really?
That’s what I think. People have disagreed with me, but look at the numbers. How many troops are over there? How many troops have recently been sent everywhere? Those were the guys that were buying porn. Period. I don’t care what anyone says. I think that has a lot to do with the collapse. Our buyers are gone; these were the guys that were faithfully spending their checks, buying porn. Now, when I chat with guys on my site, people are leaving the site. They’ll write me and say “I wish I could keep my membership but I gotta go to Kuwait.” And they’re gone.

DX: Speaking of your site, on your MySpace page you mention that you started your site so you can do things that video companies wouldn’t allow you to do. What types of things are you looking to do on your website?
Women of color in an attractive setting. Pretty solo stuff. When I performed, nobody really shot me in the scenes I wanted to be in and once I got around to directing I wanted to create it so bad, I didn’t want to perform. I just try to shoot what I wish I was able to do.

DX: What types of scenes are ideal for you?
Female aggressive, where the girl is doing the most work and the guy just holds on for the ride. I don’t like watching the guys power-fuck the girls.

DX: Why?
That’s not real sex. It’s a show. I’m not saying I got a big ol’ pussy, but, I was with Lex. When you have a guy just pounding and banging at you with no reason and no purpose, it’s not enjoyable. A woman who has had sex can look on screen and see that a woman isn’t enjoying it. I think the only person who can enjoy a girl getting pounded is that misogynistic guy. I don’t believe there’s that many of them buying it. Maybe they’re buying it because they have no other choice.

DX: Are there a lot of girls who end up getting hurt doing scenes like that?
Yeah. A very popular Asian girl, in a three way. They ripped her ass. She was bleeding profusely from her ass. Nobody said a word to her. They kept the scene going and they kept wiping her ass and not letting her look around and telling her she was okay. She was out of work for a year.

Oh yeah, this industry will fuck you up. That’s another thing I try to tell the girls too. If you’re not adjusted to having your body run through the mud. If doing trains ain’t some shit you already been doing, you don’t want to come here and do it because no woman’s body is prepared for that kind of action. The girls who can do it are high. I don’t care what nobody says. The girls who are doing these gang bangs and these bukkakes and all this crazy shit that doesn’t make sense, you ain’t sober. You’re not sober when you’re doing it.

DX: So this isn’t the type of stuff that people would do in their every day lives, but more so just a fantasy?
No. I’ve met swingers who are bout it. And they are down to do all the things that porno girls do; only they want to do it. There is a difference and a fine line, and the women who really, really enjoy it aren’t here.

DX: Why do you think more women who really enjoy sex aren’t in the industry?
I think there are a few women. They’re older and more mature. They’re probably not getting a lot of work because they’re older. This is a California-based business. If you’re not in California or Florida where they’re making the porn… unless you and your husband are smart enough to build a website and you do all that shit by yourself, nah, there’s no access to it.

What you do get are a bunch of young girls who see Jenna, who see [Janine Lindemulder] in the music videos, who see all the girls who look like they’re getting some main stream celebrity. They see Mary Carey drunk, passing out somewhere and you want that celebrity. That’s what draws the girls here. And then it’s too late for them.

DX: What impact do you think your directing will have on black women in the industry?
There’s another female director, Diane Devoe. What impact we’ve made on this business? We’ve shown them that black girls can hold a camera. We can do more than screw. I think we’ve provided a little bit more work for the girls by being here. Diane Devoe shoots a whole lot more than I do, so she’d be the one, definitely providing the most amount of work. Mine is more focused on shooting features. For now, I miss gonzo.

DX: So you’re looking do more movies with plots?
Yeah, like dialog. We’re all big jokers and we all play in the mirror. I don’t think dialog is difficult as long as you can get it close to the way that person really speaks. When I’m on set with the guys or girls, I give them a script but I demand you not stick to it. I don’t want to hear anything out of this script, I want to hear it the way you would say it and usually that means one take. They look at it, get a general idea, they go in the back, play over it with each other and then they come and just do it. Very rarely do I have multiple takes on my sets. Just let them play, I feel like I get better performances out of them and girls don’t have to go in the back and memorize lines. I have never been able to memorize any of the dialog anyone has ever given me. You’re not going to read the script, who cares? You just want to know how she gets the dick in her mouth.

DX: [Laughs] So do you think the industry will get to a point where the ethnic features are similar to what companies like Vivid or Wicked put out with the big budgets?
Well, West Coast [Productions] has started to do features and they certainly have the budgets to do anything they want. Bishop just did one recently called Ransom, really great movie. Justin Slayer just did one, I don’t remember the name and I’m very sorry Justin.

DX: Was it Merc?
Merc. You’re exactly right. They’re all doing their movies and it definitely helps. It’s needed in the market and I believe it will be purchased. I’d hope they’d stick to it and do more. Only time will tell

DX: What does life after the industry for Vanessa Blue look like?
Life after the industry, I’ll be dead.

DX: You plan to stick with this till the end in some capacity?
Oh yeah. In the next five to seven years I intend to move out of the country. Go somewhere like Italy or Spain and I want to continue shooting erotica abroad. That’ll be the next thing on my plate. I love America but now that I’ve traveled, fuck this place…fuck this place. There’s nothing like going some place and you are gawked at because you’re an American and that’s it. Not because you’re black or because you’re gonna steal something. Just because you’re American and that’s the end of it. I loved it, traveling, and I don’t want to be here.

DX: It sounds like you don’t want to be the director that just shoots ethnic or black features; you want to do it all?
No, I do want to do ethnic features.

DX: I mean not just solely ethnic features?
I got nothing against the white girls and the white girl products, but there’s enough of it without me contributing to it. I don’t believe it’s necessary What I will do, like with my last movie with Adam and Eve, I put Alexis Silver, black girl, British, with the big ol titties. I put her with Alana Evans who was in that movie that just won a couple [AVN Awards], Not the Brady’s, she was the mom in that movie. I put those two girls together and I love it. Neither one of those girls had worked together and didn’t know who the fuck the other was. Yet both of them had been in the business for years. That’s one thing I’ve been able to do every time I shoot: I put two people together who have never worked together before. I’m disgusted because the industry ain’t that big, it’s just that racist.

But, what do I see myself doing after this? I want to continue to make erotica; I still want to have my websites. Who knows where the media will go in the next five to seven years? I’d like to be on top of it. I’ll maintain my web sites forever and I just want to make beautiful erotica. I feel like I can do that outside the states much better.

DX: Is there more of a market for that overseas?
I’ll just say there’s a market with good talent overseas and people who shut the fuck up and do the work. Nothing against my girls here in the states, but the sistas… sometimes we be on some bullshit. There are few of us who genuinely want to work and genuinely good and on top of their shit. And then there’s the rest of them who have attitudes, show up and they don’t want to do the job, or they’re late and think that’s ok. Show up without their HIV test. Don’t you need that to fuck? Don’t you want to see his? Maybe because we don’t have as good of an agent as the white girls do, maybe that’s why we don’t know better.


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