UFC 100 Recap

Lesnar apologizes for behavior

Post-fight report by Anthony Springer Jr. & Andreas Hale

With his UFC 100 victory over an over matched Frank Mir, Brock Lesnar solidified his claim to MMA legitimacy. With just five professional fights, Lesnar now has wins over two former champions in Mir and Randy Couture and a cagey veteran in Heath Herring.

On a night that the UFC should’ve been celebrating an historic achievement and heaping praise on what appears to be the beginning of a dominant heavyweight run by Lesnar, Dana White and his newest superstar spent much of the post fight press conference issuing apologies.

The history books will remember Lesnar’s post fight antics as much—if not more—than the actual fight itself. In a scenario that can be described as bad sportsmanship at best and classless at worst, the UFC heavyweight champion said the following: his opponent had a “horseshoe up his ass,” dissed Bud Light (one of the organization’s biggest sponsors), flipped the bird to the fans, and mentioned what he planned to do to his wife after the fight.

To say the least, the Lesnar that arrived at the post fight conference was the total opposite of the brash Brock Lesnar that appeared at the culmination of an event that introduced hundreds of thousands of new fans to the sport. The 265-pound monster strolled into the post fight press conference  carrying a Bud Light (surprise!) and expressed a level of humility seldom seen in the past—courtesy of a “whip the dog session” with UFC president Dana White.

“I’d like to apologize,” Lesnar stated. “I acted very unprofessional after the fight.”

Lesnar also apologized to Frank Mir and Bud Light, adding that he is not biased against the company and that he’ll “drink any beer.”

Dana White pulled no punches regarding Lesnar’s behavior.

“I don’t think in the history of the UFC we’ve ever had anybody do anything like that,” White said. “It’s not who we are and to be honest with you, that’s not who he is.

“He gets in there, the adrenaline starts kicking and the mouth starts moving but the brain isn’t sending shit to the mouth. I don’t know where it’s coming from.”

White also stuck up for Lesnar with the same dose of straight talk he issued in rebuke of the heavyweight’s actions.

“I can tell you, that’s not who he is. If he was a dick, I’d tell you right now: ‘This guy is uncontrollable, he’s and idiot and I don’t know what to do with this guy.’ That’s not the case with him. He’s a smart guy, he gets it but he’s been in the WWE for so long. He thinks he has to jump in there and be the heel. The sponsorship thing was the craziest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. It was craziness and I was blown away.”

At this point, it’s unclear on the reaction Lesnar will draw from casual fans that are still getting used to the sport. One thing that is clear is the view that hardcore fans have of Lesnar.

“Brock hasn’t made himself very lovable,” White said. “They hate Brock.”

Several opponents were floated as potential challengers to the heavyweight throne including up and coming stars Cain Velasquez and Shane Carwin. However, the elephant in the room is one fighter who currently resides outside the UFC and is thought to be the greatest heavyweight fighter in the history of the sport—Fedor Emelianenko.

With Lesnar’s victory and Fedor’s utter destruction, the pair seems to be on the fast track for a super fight.

According to White, the fight will happen one day.

“Eventually Fedor is going to be here,” White said. “I want Fedor. We’ll end up getting that deal done and then we’ll do Brock vs. Fedor and we’ll do a huge fight.”

GSP – Who’s Next?

After tallying up yet another dominant victory and retaining his welterweight title at UFC 100 over Thiago Alves, the question for George St-Pierre isn’t “Who’s Next?” rather it is “Who’s Left?”

“I haven’t even had time to think about his next opponent,” Dana White said during the post fight press conference. “(I thought) If he gets through this one he could be the #1 pound for pound fighter. He walked through Thiago Alves. GSP is amazing but as for his future I have no clue.”

Many fight fans would love to see St-Pierre matchup with fellow pound for pounder Anderson “The Spider” Silva. But GSP is in no rush to make a move up to 185lbs to challenge Silva. GSP is more concerned with the groin injury he suffered in the third round of their five round fight.

“I don’t know what happened, but I am in real bad pain,” St. Pierre said. “It happened in the third round and when I was on my back. … It could have been a very bad night for me if this thing would have turned bad.”

Fortunately for him, it didn’t turn out bad and he continued to cruise to an easy victory. St-Pierre did reveal an exchange between he and Greg Jackson that he found humorous.

“I went to my corner and told Greg that I pulled my groin and he said ‘I don’t care! Hit him with it!’ GSP recalls.

But with the ever looming question of who “Rush” will fight next, the answer for GSP isn’t a simple one.

“It’s a question of timing,” he said of possibly challenging Silva. “I walk around at 185 pounds. I am not that big for a welterweight either. … So if I move up, like I said, I don’t fight to be champion anymore because I am a champion. If I do it, it’s for a challenge, but I am going to have to take the time to gain weight and really take care of business.” – Andreas Hale

UFC 100 Odds and Ends

  • The sellout crowd for UFC 100 brought in a live gate of $5.1 million with an attendance of 11,000
  • Bonuses of $100,000 were awarded to Dan Henderson (Knockout of the Night), Tom Lawlor (Submission of the Night) and Yoshihiro Akiyama and Alan Belcher (Fight of the Night)
  • The accompanying UFC Fan Expo drew an estimated 30-50,000 people

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