Jorgensen extends winning streak

Jorgensen extends winning streak

Story by Anthony Springer, Jr.
Photos by Chris Cozzone

In the 135-pound division, there are no easy fights. The WEC plays host to many of the bantamweight division’s best fighters.

Given the depth in the promotion, Scott Jorgensen’s (11-3, 7-2 WEC) rise up the ranks is all the more impressive. At WEC 50, the wrestler extended his current winning streak to five in a thrilling three round slug fest win over Brad “One Punch” Pickett.

The hard hitting Jorgensen showed a well rounded game against the equally hard hitting Pickett. Early in the first, “One Punch” attempted to live up to his moniker, tagging the Idaho born fighter with a big right hand. Jorgensen stood right in the pocket, trading power shots of his own and also used his wrestling to secure the victory.

“I’m comfortable wherever the fight goes,” Jorgensen said about weathering the initial storm. “I’ve got a hard head. A lot of times I’ll let myself get hit, but it’s always my game plan to change the direction of the fight. If you wants to stand, I’m going to take you down, if you want it on the ground, I’m going to stand.”

For their efforts, Jorgensen and Pickett earned the Fight of the Night honor. Though WEC General Manager Reed Harris wouldn’t guarantee Jorgensen a title shot against defending champion Dominick Cruz, he couldn’t hide his admiration at the fifteen minute display put on hours earlier.

“Both [Jorgensen] and Brad Pickett were just throwing,” a proud Harris stated. “These guys never run out of gas. They come in ready to go and they prepare themselves.

“To go at that level for that long, it’s just incredible.”

After the stellar performance, the only individual that seemed disappointed was the man who ended up with his hand raised.

“I knew it was an exciting fight,” Jorgensen explained. “People like to watch us stand and bang, I performed well, I dominated [but] I apologized to [WEC matchmaker] Sean [Shelby] as soon as he stepped in the cage for it not being as exciting as it could’ve been.”

When asked what else he could’ve done to make the bout exciting, Jorgensen replied, “I don’t know.”

Never one to rest, the Boise State University wrestler made no secret that he kept a careful eye on the night’s main event title fight and immediately began sizing up a potential bout with Cruz.

“I was definitely watching the fight,” Jorgensen said of the championship bout. “It was a great fight. Joseph [Benavidez] is my friend so I was pulling for him. The takedown kind of tipped the scales in Dominick’s favor. It’s exciting for me to be able to get that title shot and hopefully take [the belt] from [Cruz].

“I honestly think I’m a better striker,” Jorgensen continued, sizing up the champ. “He moves at a great rate and he creates angles. My wrestling is better than his and if I want to take him down I will. If he stops it, I’ve got other tricks. I’m looking forward to bringing that belt back. “

Though Cruz missed Jorgensen’s match, the champion is not sleeping on his next potential challenger.

“I saw them raise Jorgensen’s hand,” Cruz said. “He’s a beast.”

WEC 50 Notes:

Fight of the Night: Scott Jorgensen/Brad Pickett
Submission of the Night: Anthony Pettis
Knock out of the Night: Maciej Jewtuszko

All bonuses were $10,000


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