5 Things Wrong With Yung Berg’s ‘Sex N The City’ Video

My debut at AOL’s The BVX

Young Berg is back at it. In an effort to build anticipation for his forthcoming album, the rapper more famous for getting his chains snatched than his rhymes is going the creative played route of the Web reality series to drum up support. Here are five reasons this video fails.

1. “You gotta start off with a good shot…just to get your mind right.” (:41)

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: drinking straight from the bottle (presumably one you’ll be sharing with other folks, see number 5) is disgusting. Aside from that, we now know why Berg’s music is awful. We know that some of the best musicians to ever do it have created their finest work while drunk or high. This is not one of those cases.

2. “We’re working on a lot of different projects.” 1:09

Rappers talk a lot about working hard and being on the grind. During this short clip, we see Berg doing neither. What we end up with is Berg walking us around his spot like this is an impromptu MTV Cribs shoot. Talk about work? Check. Actual work? Not so much.

3. “I cook” (2:45)

Declarations such as these are often best made…say, while you’re actually cooking something. To top it all off, the vending machine in the background just makes the irony too much for us to pass up. The only glimpse of the kitchen comes during the swig of Patron. We’re not sure if Berg cooks, hell, by the looks of him, we’re not sure he eats.

4. “Free Boosie” (heard in song snippet, 4:12)

Shouts of “Free (insert your favorite jailed rapper here)” seem to dominate today’s radio waves. But sometimes, even that goes too far. For those of you not keeping score on which rappers are doing time, Lil Boosie-of “Wipe Me Down” fame is serving a four year bid for violating the terms of his parole. In addition, he was indicted on an additional murder charge WHILE in prison. Make no mistake about it, there are plenty of black men locked up that didn’t do it. Given Boosie’s track record, we’re going to assume he’s guilty of SOMETHING.

5. The girl (4:51)

If you’re a fan of T and A (and what man isn’t), you might be asking yourself why this made the list? Simple, every now and then a woman comes along and you completely lose your train of thought. The stripper chick gets roughly 20% of the camera time, which suggests that everything that came prior is of no importance. What rapper was this about again?

Honorable Mention (The Entire Video)

Tell us that is NOT another chain! Didn’t he just get a chain snatched a couple of week’s ago? When will he learn?


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