With only a handful of titles to her resume, Jazmine Ryderr is positioning herself to be the next big thing in the industry. The slender starlet is all about her business and mapped out the beginning middle and end of her career prior to getting on camera. The Well Versed sat down with Misty Stone’s protégé to get her thoughts on performing for white consumers, writing for Hollywood, and getting her mother’s blessing before doing porn.

The Well Versed: Tell me a little about life before the industry.

Jazmine Ryderr: I was modeling, doing fashion and it got really hectic. I finally decided, ‘Hey I’m having sex and I’m comfortable with my body.’ I might as well take it a step further.

TWV: Was there a lot of consideration before getting into the business?

JR: Yes.  I’ve been doing this for about a year but I’ve only done about 12 or 14 scenes.

TWV: Does your family know?

JR: My mom was the only person I admitted it to before I started.

TWV: What was that conversation like?

JR: I took her out to dinner and said, “Mom, there’s something I’m thinking about doing.” I just kinda came out with it. She cried, I cried, but she said she supported me with whatever I did.

TWV: How important was it to get that support?

JR: Very.

TWV: Would you have done it anyway if she wasn’t cool with it?

JR: No. I’m a momma’s girl.

TWV: So everything was hinging on that? If mom would’ve said no, there’d be no Jazmine Ryderr?

JR: Yes.

TWV: Are you looking to do more films now?

JR: Definitely. I just finished doing America’s Next Top Black Porn model. I was on the box cover with two other beautiful ladies. We’ll see how that goes.

TWV: I’ve talked to a lot of other black actresses in the business and the element of racism comes up, what’s it like to be a black actress in 2011?

JR: I try to picture myself as being white acceptable. My target is the white community when it comes to doing porn. I’m from New York, so I love black babies, black people, black everything. But when it comes to business…entertainment.

TWV: You gotta break that down for me. Why target the white audience?

JR: My best friend is Misty Stone, and she’s 100 percent acceptable to white audiences. I strive to be like her. I want to be as successful as her. Mainstream companies have a lot more funding, they just have everything covered.

TWV: Were you deliberately shooting for the mainstream or is that the way it happened?

JR: That was the way it happened.

TWV: What are those conversations like with Misty? She’s blowing up. What have you learned from her?

JR: That girl is paving the way. Not just for me but for every black girl in the industry. I’m her protégé.

TWV: Not a bad place to be.

JR: Not at all, she’s gorgeous. She tells me all the time, as long as we present ourselves as women—the women that we, are even though we’re in this industry— there’s no reason for us to be trampy or disgusting. That’s what I learned from her.

TWV: How’d you avoid getting pigeonholed?

JR: Every black girl starting out gets pigeonholed. We always get the lowest of the low. We’re just starting out. You work hard, be aggressive but feminine at the same time. Assert yourself, just assert yourself and you’ll get what you want.

TWV: What’s the ultimate goal? How long do you see yourself in the business?

JR: I have a five to six year plan. I want to be behind the camera. I’m comfortable with my body as I said before, but I see myself writing or producing.

TWV: Are you looking at adult or mainstream?

JR: Both. I want people to understand that you can be comfortable with your body and be mainstream—and be loved.

TWV: If you were writing a show, what kind of show would it be?

JR: A comedy. I take myself seriously when I need to. But in this industry in front of the camera interacting with people I don’t’ take myself too too seriously. It would have to be a comedy.

TWV: Who would you cast?

JR: Misty. She’s off the chain…

TWV: Anybody in Hollywood?

JR: I’d want somebody fresh in those roles.

TWV: Why new talent?

JR: To have something new and fresh to offer.

TWV: You mentioned you were a big hip hop fan, who are you listening to?

JR: J. ColeLil Wayne. But I’m more of an old school fan, Wu-TangEric B. and Rakim.

TWV: And where can fans reach you?

JR: They can hit me up on Twitter, @JazmineRyderr

You can contact Anthony on Twitter at or Facebook at he can be found chatting about MMA, social issues or whatever else tickles his fancy.



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