[Review] Saigon – The Greatest Story Never Told

Originally Published in Las Vegas City Life


The Greatest Story Never Told (Suburban Noize/Fort Knocks)


After several years and countless delays, it seemed like Saigon’s long-awaited debut, The Greatest Story Never Told, would live up to its title. With a post-Valentine’s Day release date, the timing proves perfect as the album plays like a labor of love, as the man also known as The Yardfather, in trademark fashion, weaves together tales of life in the fast lane. Instead of glorifying the lifestyle, he offers cautionary tales and explores consequences without being preachy. Just Blaze holds down production duties on the bulk of the album and provides a perfect backdrop for Saigon to discuss subjects like the prison industrial complex, as he does on “The Invitation.”

Contrary to popular belief, the album’s more radio-friendly jams aren’t watered down for pop sensibilities. Jay-Z and Swizz Beatz lend their talents to “C’Mon Baby” and the Faith Evans-assisted “Clap” would fit nicely on any urban radio playlist. And while not quiet-storm worthy, “What The Lovers Do” avoids the cheesy hip-hop love-hymnal stereotype and sounds sincere.

The missteps are few as Saigon delivers from start to finish. While most something-for-everyone albums fall flat, Greatest Story succeeds by staying true to himself on his official debut, without compromise.



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