[Review] Mac Miller – Best Day Ever

Mac Miller – Best Day Ever
Originally published in City Life 

Social media democratized the rap game. In the mid-’90s and 2000s, major labels pumped out artist after artist who fit some stereotype in the name of “keeping it real.” But the Internet boom allowed new voices to penetrate the industry without the need of a major label. Enter Mac Miller. Miller gained a buzz on the heels of his third mix tape, KIDS, and his follow-up, Best Day Ever, picks up where KIDS left off.

Best finds the XXL magazine Class of ’11 Freshman flowing effortlessly from the radio-friendly to the introspective. Lead single “Donald Trump” finds Miller dreaming of taking over the world, while “Oy Vey” and “I’ll Be There” are sincere odes to hitting it big and taking care of mom. If you think the 19-year-old can’t spit, the Khrysis-produced “She Said” puts all doubt to rest. Meanwhile, Wiz Khalifa lends his voice to the hook of “Keep Floating,” the next chapter of smoke-friendly tracks.

While not as lyrical as its predecessor, Best more than holds its own, and serves as a fitting precursor to Miller’s collaborative project with DJ Jazzy Jeff. ANTHONY SPRINGER, JR.


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