[Review] Median – The Sender

The Sender (FE Music/Jamla)

Originally published in Las Vegas City Life

Hailing from North Carolina, Median has always been one of the more underrated members of the Justice League. But with a crew consisting of Little Brother and producers 9th Wonder and Khrysis, it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle. His sophomore effort, The Sender, may nudge him closer to the head of the pack.

Picking up where 2005’s Path To Relief left off, Median hasn’t lost a step on the mic. There’s not much improvement, either; he was a dope emcee to begin with. Fortunately, Median’s flow fits nicely over 9th Wonder’s production. Nowhere is this more evident than on the title track. Over a chopped soul sample, Median goes in, covering lyrical ground from memories to the rap game.

Where other album can be weighed down by guest appearances, The Sender is bolstered by them. Phonte and Median go back and forth on opener “Take A Chance.” The former Little Brother front man makes another appearance with Big Remo on “Turn Ya On.” The best of the Phonte collaborations is saved for last, as the rapper turned singer links with Bahamadia and YaZarah on “Special” — a song that lives up to its title.

Though it breaks no new ground, The Sender is nonetheless solid and will please those missing soulful beats and rhymes of substance. ANTHONY SPRINGER JR.


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