[Sex Week] Nyomi Banxxx – Firm Biz

Originally posted at The Well Versed

Some people fall to pieces when a bad thing happens. Other people use bad experiences to springboard to bigger and better things. When disaster hit home, Nyomi Banxxx chose the latter. What started out as a way to make money to support a member of her family turned into a full business. To quote Jay-Z, Banxxx “is a business, man.” Performing, directing, clothing, music. You name it, she’s doing it or got her eyes on it. TWV caught up with the 2011 Urban XFemale Performer of the Year at this year’s Adult Entertainment Expo at the TITS booth (that’s Two In The Shirt) to get her thoughts on the state of the industry, some advice for women on embracing their inner freak and what it was really like to play Denzel Washington’s character in the porn parody of Training Day.

The Well Versed: Where are all the sisters this year?

Nyomi Banxxx: It’s not a lot of us that come out anymore. A lot of the companies don’t do it like that. Back in the day you had West Coast Productions. They’re still around, but don’t have the money to bring the talent out. Heat Wave too. A lot of the white companies just bring in their token black girls.

TWV: Do you see that changing or getting worse?

NB: It’s worse. On the business aspect, it could get better for the girls if they start to take their brand seriously. We sites, marketing and merchandise. For companies it won’t get better unless they reinvent.

TWV: What got you into the game?

NB: I did it for money reasons. My dad was sick. Once I got in and saw that it was a billion dollar business. I figured I could come in, make a couple million and get out.

TWV: So it’s always been more business than performing?

NB: That’s how it started. Being in the business taught me more sexually and about business

TWV: Can you talk about that sexual evolution?

NB: Being from Chicago, we were always taught that whatever you felt sexually, keep that in. Just don’t do that. Keep it in the closet. A lot of my fantasies, I was able to do them on film. To have a fan write or a couple say “I love this scene,” that tells me that my fantasies are helping other people. That made me want to remove that boundary and be uninhibited. You can still be a lady and get your freak on.

TWV: What advice would you give to that lady that’s still in the closet?

NB: Be honest with yourself and your mate. If you’re honest, your relationship will be so much better. Stop hiding, be who you are. Believe me, as they talk about you, they’re trying to do what you do?

TWV: I hear that all the time but most people don’t know how to start those conversations. How do we start the conversation?

NB: Take anal. Maybe the girl can say, “Baby I’d like to try anal.” Be honest, say , “I have a part of a freak in me. We’re all sexual people and I want to try new things.”

TWV: You came from a real conservative environment, what was the response when you first got in the business from people back home?

NB: They thought I was on drugs. I don’t do drugs, I drink occasionally and I’m of sound mind. I was grown, knew what I wanted to do and I enjoy this business. It’s been good to me and for me.

TWV: What else do you have coming up?

NB: I’m back to doing music. I have three artists. My web site is still booming, I’m working on a perfume line. Mainstream, I’m still writing and directing on independent films.

TWV: I saw you did the Training Day parody. How was that experience?

NB: That’s one of my favorite movies. I had to eat and take in all of Denzel Washington. I stayed in character. I like that it was a feature and I like that they flipped it but stayed true to the original story.

TWV: Are you looking to do more mainstream work?

NB: Most definitely. I just shot a scene for Chemistry on Cinemax. I’m always looking to do short films and I’m still writing and directing.

TWV: How long can fans look forward to seeing you?

NB: I can only go as far as my body allows me to go or when I say, it’s over. I don’t know

TWV: Anybody you want to shout out?

NB: All of my FBC people, Prince YahshuaMr. MarcusSinnamon Love. She’s real iconic. I don’t think the industry appreciates her like they should.


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