[Sex Week] Prince Yahshua – Independence Day

Originally published at The Well Versed

For better or worse, women in porn are like buses. New ones come every hour on the hour, sometimes faster. For men in the game, the issue is a little more complex. If you’re an avid smut consumer, you’ll notice that there are (maybe) 6 consistent black male stars. Count Prince Yahshua among them. The Chicago native got in the game totally by accident. A video of him got in the hands of West Coast Productions. One six figure contract later, and the rest is history. The head of Silverback and the creator of the “Atom Bomb” and the “F-150” (Google it) chopped it up with TWV at this year’s adult expo about racism in the industry, the injury—and reality star—that almost ended his career and why only two percent of guys are cut out for the “mental game” of porn.

The Well Versed: Talk to me about life before the industry.

Prince Yahshua: Life before the industry was growing up, gang banging, selling drugs and going to the penitentiary. Got out, found that there was a different way and here I am.

TWV: Where you from?

PY: Chicago

TWV: Southside?

PY: Cabrini Green. North side.

TWV: What got you thinking about the adult industry?

PY: I wasn’t. One of the girls that we used to film by the name of Malibu, she wanted to come out and do her thing. Me being computer illiterate, I sent a ten minute tape to all the companies.

TWV: Of you and her?

PY: Yes. They all replied, but said the same thing: Unless she’s physically out here…

TWV: We can’t do anything with her.

PY: Right. So the last company, West Coast Productions hit me back and said, “Who’s the guy?” They shot me a number. We talked, they said “If you can do that in person, I think we’ve got a job for you.” Three days later they flew me out, seven days later, my first $100,000 contract.

TWV: Were you nervous about getting on the plane? A lot of people talk about being on the set versus being at home?

PY: Absolutely not. My life has really been a stage forever. To do what I love doing—fucking—it came natural. Now that I’m a vet, I know it’s a mental game. If you’re mental ain’t there, you’re not going to perform.

TWV: What keeps it fun? Or is it still fun?

PY: It’s still fun. This isn’t my hobby, this is my passion. This isn’t something I do on the weekends. This is my chosen profession. The few of us you see all the time, this is why we’re still here: This is my job and I take it as such.

TWV: So numbers wise, if you get 100 guys, how many of them would make it? Not just for a couple movies but for the long haul?

PY: Two.

TWV: And the two do very well I imagine?

PY: Absolutely. It’s a matter of finding those two. It’s like finding a diamond in the rough. After you’ve found it, you’ve gotta polish it. Everybody knows Mr. Marcus because of his hat, everybody knows Sean Michaels because of his suits, everybody knows me because you gonna get gorilla fucked and I’ve got my Timbs on. Each of us has our own trademarks in the industry so people know who we are. You may not know my name, but you’d say “Oh! The crazy nigga that be flipping bitches.”

TWV: So what advice would you have for a guy trying to get in the game? Might have his camera and his tripod. How should he prepare before approaching you?

PY: The people who can get in the game sometimes are swingers because they’re used to being in a crowd. If you’re used to being behind closed doors, it’s not going to work for you. Try what you do in front of a crowd of people. If that works, come holla at us.

TWV: So where can people find you?

PY: On FaceBook, or Twitter, @PrinceYahshua or on my site, fuckmefilthy.com. You can get at us a lot of ways.

TWV: I talked to Mr. Marcus about racism in the industry a while ago. Has it gotten better?

PY: It hasn’t gotten better at all. People like Marcus, myself, Sean Michaels, LT. it’s only a handful of us that get over the hump and make it to legend status. I think it has a lot to do with our background. Not confusing the bullshit with everything going on. That’s what it is. The racism is still a big game. But now I sign my own checks. Whether a company wants to hire me or not, I’ve still got a Silverback check coming.

TWV: What made you want to form a company?

PY: Independence. That’s the most powerful thing. Being your own CEO is what it’s alla bout. If you’re just in it for the short term, it’s not going to work out. You have to think long term and what you’re going to do with it. I saw the bigger picture. When I get off the plane, it’s great to not just have people say my name but know Silverback.

TWV: Were you always looking at the big picture?

PY: Just knowing that the great scenes that you give these companies that they win awards and make money off of. Wait a minute, I can be doing this for me and mine. I give it to my city, Chicago.

TWV: And for people who, don’t follow the industry closely, you had a career threatening injury. Can you talk about that?

PY: I was working with the reality star girl… her name in the industry is Bethany Benz. On the reality TV show For “The Love Of Ray J”, she was Caviar. Not to speak bad about the bitch, but she was super drunk, let’s be clear. We were in a position called reverse cowgirl, and for that position you have to be in sync. Long story short, she was coming down, my dick was coming up, totally missed her pussy.  My dick the inner wall of her pelvis and all we heard was crack. The technical term, my urethra was slashed and the inner wall of my muscle was severed. $100,000 later, here I am.

TWV: Did you think that was the end?

PY: Yes. I told the doctor, if you can’t fix me, let me know. I’ll go home and open up a small business and live my life. I was out for four and a half months, came back and I’m winning awards all over again.

TWV: Were you worried about not being able to perform?

PY: One of the girls in the porn game, I won’t mention her name—thank you love—helped me prepare. Some companies called to wish me well and I told them I was ready to come back.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m still cautious but this is how I make my living.

TWV: I feel you, cowgirl scares the shit out of me. I remember seeing the pictures of you on the AVN site.

PY: It was real bad.

TWV: Where do you want to take Silverback?

PY: My flagship right now is Legends of the Game. I have one right now after my injury, because the industry isn’t kind to each other. Seeing how many people didn’t want to see me come back. I got my weight back up. I went down to 135, now I’m at 205. To hear all the negativity from people made me want to do a movie to show people that I’m back but also, got dammit to show people that I’m the best, called Undisputed.

TWV: Is that going to be a gonzo or a feature film?

PY: A little bit of both. It’s just to show that I’m here until I’m ready to be. The industry won’t retire me.

TWV: And have you thought about how long you’ll be around?

PY: It’s been seven years now, so probably at the ten year mark?

TWV: Will you continue to be involved with the business?

PY: Definitely, I’m going to go back to my city. But I’m going to expand the Silverback line to include shirts and sweats.

TWV: Piracy has impacted the industry. Give us your best statement on why people—especially black people and black porn– should be buying porn?

PY: What we have to remember –as a people—these white folks already got the money. So why would you give your money to them when we’re here? If we supported each other, we wouldn’t have to worry about this. We’ve always had the bootleggers but with piracy, people come up to me and say they saw me in something, I’ll ask them what movie and they say they saw it on the Internet for free. You’re taking money out of us. We’re our own worst enemy.

I used to hear my mother say it every day, “I love my people but they disappoint me.” If we all rallied around each other like the big companies do, they couldn’t fuck with us.


One thought on “[Sex Week] Prince Yahshua – Independence Day

  1. Wow. “these white folks already got money”? Aren’t you sexing white women in the movies? So wtf? Really? So how do you go from that to “we” are “our” own worst enemies? I have seen you in WAY more films with white chicks then black ones, so how can you say we should be watching and paying for black porn when you BARELY make black movies? #onelessfan smdh.

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