The Curious Case of UFC 157 Headliner Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey 2

Published February 21, 2013by Anthony Springer Jr.

If the buy rate for this weekend’s UFC 157 matches the media hype surrounding it, Ronda Rousey is MMA’s next big, bankable star. Sure, Rousey is already a star. In the run up to her historic fight with Liz Carmouche, she’s been on the cover of ESPN the Magazine and featured on an HBO Real Sports segment. She’s a media darling in the same way Gina Carano was but – dare I say – fights in a dominating fashion like Cris Cyborg.

While the UFC has no choice but to build a credible division around Rousey, Dana White has explicitly stated he’s in the “Ronda Rousey business.” Which is fantastic – for Rousey and for the UFC. How the public reacts to this remains to be seen.

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