More Living, Less Documenting

Leaving the only home I’ve ever known after 29-years of life was both frightening and liberating at the same time (word to Future). In search of something better, I hopped on a plane with a few bags and walked away from the  City of Sin for what is likely the first and last time.

Making a jump like that does wonders for putting things in perspective. A natural introvert, I spend a lot of my free time in solitude. Reflecting on how far I’ve come, where I am and where I’m going.

In my pursuit for a more stable life, my freelance career ended up on ER and was put to rest shortly after I touched down in my new  home. After 8 years, what I thought was a vital piece of my identity was no more. What felt like a loss, turned out to be a gain.

Whereas I was relentlessly trying to promote myself and my work across as many venues as possible before, I stopped documenting and started living. I deleted my Twitter and Instagram accounts (because posting pictures of my meals just doesn’t appeal to me much).

I’m focusing more on writing that enhances my spirit instead of my bank account.

2014 is looking bright…. because I’m holding the flashlight.


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