A collection of some of my favorite pieces

Booker principal finds footing on shoulders of giants – Telling the stories of educators is one of the most fulfilling things I’ve done professionally. Even more so when I get to tell the stories of family.

Rock The Bells 201: Still East 1999 – A departure from my usual, Q&A or op-ed style. My reflections on seeing my favorite group in concert.

Dan Charnas: The Business Of Hip Hop As Never Told Before – There are a lot of books about hip hop. But none focused on the business side of things until now. I sat down with Dan to talk about the meteoric rise of hip hop and some of its major players.

Rosa Clemente: Let’s Get Free – A conversation with former Green Party VP candidate Rosa Clemente

Mistah F.A.B. Addresses Oakland Police Shootings – One of my favorite pieces from my tenure at BET. The intersection of music and social issues. Hip Hop has always dealt with issues of police brutality, but F.A.B. gave a balanced, nuanced portrait of life in Oakland at the time.

The Mis-Education of Mumia Abu-Jamal – A lengthy break down of Mumia Abu-Jamal and the circumstances surrounding his imprisonment. Again, the intersection of music and social issues. I enjoy bringing political and social issues to an audience that may not have been aware of something significant.

Kim Osorio: Soul Survivor– A Q&A with journalist and author Kim Osorio. While most of the press on her first book, Straight From the Source focused on sex and industry gossip, this piece went against the grain. Read on for more.

Dana White: Love Him or Hate Him– In 2008, the UFC was on the verge of main stream success. Meet the man who took mixed martial arts from spectacle to sport.


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